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PocketiFi - Managed WiFi for Business

The Expertise Behind the Experience

WiFi That Just Works

No need to worry about equipment or setup. PocketiNet has designed PocketiFi with state-of-the-art equipment that just works! Each set-up is customized to optimize your in-office WiFi experience.
WiFi That Just Works
Coverage map

Coverage in Every Corner

PocketiFi provides whole-office WiFi coverage. This is accomplished by mounting omni-directional long range access points that are hardwired to your PocketiNet service router, sending the signal to every corner of your office space. PocketiFi keeps all of your wireless devices connected without interruption as you move freely throughout the office.

Managed by Experts

What makes PocketiFi revolutionary? PocketiNet’s own network engineers optimize your network and continually analyze PocketiFi via the Cloud, ensuring that you always have the highest quality service to your office. No need for your IT team to stress over network downtime and the accessibility demands of your office’s internet users. This improves the experience of connectivity for all users—employees and guests alike. In addition to a seamless user experience, our experts also monitor and maintain the security of your network, giving you peace of mind.
Managed by Experts
Unparalleled Access

Unparalleled Access

If you want to have hands-on control of your network and its information, you can! Once our team optimizes your connection, we give you the option of unparalleled access to network software allowing you to manage your network in real time.

PocketiFi can be enabled so that you can:

  • Set limits on network access by device
  • Establish Guest WiFi portals
  • Monitor users on your network
  • And more!