Summertime often brings a needed change of pace from everyday life. For families, that means the kids are out of school, allowing you to spend more time with them at home without back-to-school demands pressing your schedule. 

As your children spend their days lounging indoors or playing outside, they won’t have the watchful eyes of administrators to patrol for danger both in the real world and on your internet network. Parents must take active measures to monitor their children, both offline and online.

Consider implementing these safety measures for better whole-home security this summer. 

How to Keep Your Family Safe at Home This Summer

Physical Home Security 

Physical security is an integral part of the overall sanctity of your home. Consider adding security cameras to the exterior near entrances and play areas. This will make it easier to spot suspicious activity and deter criminals from attempting to break in, all the while keeping an eye on your kiddos. 

Arlo Surveillance is a whole-home security surveillance system that monitors your home, inside and out. Capture all activity with 4K, end-to-end cameras and take advantage of object detection, activity zones, and quick response notifications. See what’s happening around your home and greet anyone at your door from anywhere with two-way audio right from your phone.

While some individuals may choose to install a security system, this isn’t always the most practical option. For families on a budget, there are simple precautions you can take to increase your home’s physical security. 

  • Ensure that all exterior doors and windows are locked before leaving the house and at night.
  • Install deadbolts and other sturdy locks on exterior doors that have a strong resistance to picking and bumping.
  • Invest in a high-quality door guard for those times when you’ll be away from home for extended periods of time. 

Also, investing in affordable motion sensors for your windows and doors can be an effective way to alert you to potential thieves. In addition to motion sensors, consider upgrading your exterior lighting. Motion-activated lighting not only deters criminals from breaking in but also provides a light source for anyone who needs to be outside after dark. 

Online Safety 

Another key but often overlooked element of home security during the summer months is online safety. Families rely on their home internet connections for work, school, and entertainment, so it’s essential to know if the information you or your children access is safe. 

Setting family rules for proper internet use is a good place to start. Establishing a list of family rules for how different devices should be used and what type of content is appropriate will set guidelines and online-activity expectations.

Parental controls are the best way to actively implement these guidelines. Most internet service providers offer basic parental controls, which you can use to filter the type of content your child can access. The ExperienceIQ parental control solution allows you to set the rules for sites like YouTube and games like Roblox and Minecraft. Easily manage your kid’s screen time and monitor websites and apps across all devices connected to your home’s Wi-Fi.

Additionally, teaching your family good internet browsing habits is one of the most important things you can do to keep your family safe while using the internet. Educate your kids on why they need to use strong passwords, how to spot spam or phishing links, and what to do if they encounter a fraudulent or virus-loaded download.

ProtectIQ is a robust device security solution that keeps intruders out of your home Wi-Fi network. With multi-layered protection, even your most vulnerable devices, like smart TVs, thermostats, and wireless cameras, are protected. ProtectIQ blocks intrusions like hackers, threats, viruses, and malware before they ever make it to your devices.

PocketiNet’s Whole-Home Safety Solutions 

As the summertime approaches, many families will spend more time at home than in any other season. From installing security systems to implementing online safety measures, the steps above serve as a foundation to protect the integrity of your home’s physical and virtual space.

Ask us about our ProtectIQ, ExperienceIQ, and Arlo Surveillance home safety solutions. Each solution works together to give families peace of mind 24/7.