Business Internet

Connectivity Tailored for The Success of Your Business

We prioritize reliable internet for seamless operations, offering premium support to eliminate disruptions and safeguard your business.

Seamless Network Coverage

Speeds up to 2 Gbps with our high-performance routers so your business has complete Wi-Fi coverage.

Professional Equipment & Install

Our team of professionals survey the business and then create an installed access point for optimal performance.

Reliable & Local Support

We're local and offer priority support to our business clients, recognizing that downtime is revenue loss.

Optimal Service and Great Value with Pocketitel Phone Plans

PocketiTel is your cutting-edge solution for top-notch digital phone service tailored specifically for your business.

Our app enhances your connection.

Download PocketiNet Zone now to fortify your online network and tailor your Wi-Fi to suit your preferences perfectly!


our promise
Get Local and Reliable Customer Service

PocketiNet offers an extensive array of supplementary products and services designed to enhance your business operations, in addition to internet connectivity.


Stay seamlessly connected with your customers through our comprehensive business phone solution.


Secure your network and devices while customizing your business's online experience through our app.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Use this information for commonly asked questions. For further assistance, call 509-526-5026.

The availability of PocketiNet services depends on your specific location. To check if PocketiNet is available in your area, please visit services.pocketinet.com for accurate and up-to-date information.

PocketiNet business internet service includes advanced network security through our PocketZone app. The app helps puts a shield between your devices and intruders, stopping threats before they ever make it to your device. To learn more, click here.

PocketiFi is the cutting-edge blend of an installed access point and high-performance managed router. The combination offers complete Wi-Fi coverage throughout your business.

With PocketiFi, there’s no worry about what Wi-Fi equipment you need. We provide state-of-the-art Wi-Fi hardware that fills your business with consistent Wi-Fi coverage. PocketiFi uses top-quality components so you get the highest form of reliability and performance, even as your wireless devices move from one end of your business to the other.