Tailored Solutions for Home Control

Elevate your family’s time spent online with ExperienceIQ. It’s our home network solution that allows users to take control of online content, prioritize devices, manage apps & more.

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Flexible Home Network Controls

With ExperienceIQ, you can easily create and enforce online rules for users and devices on your home network.

User Profiles & Usage

Create custom profiles and view how much time each user spends on different apps.

Content Restrictions

Use content filtering to ensure the online safety of children and other family members.

Time Limits

Schedule times to prevent family members from accessing the internet or specific apps.

My Priorities

Prioritize applications, traffic, and devices on your home network.

Manage Apps

Set the duration for how long individual applications can be used.

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Get ExperienceIQ: Part of the Ultimate Wi-Fi Experience.

ExperienceIQ is the all-in-one, peace of mind, wifi control solution. It’s the perfect solution for any family.

Take control of your online experience

ExperienceIQ offers distinctive features that provide benefits for everyone. The process of setting up your network is fast and straightforward and can boost online productivity.

Parental Support

Create individual profiles for kids with time limits & restrictions on content and websites to guarantee a safe online environment.

Remote Work

Use advanced internet control to prioritize work devices and set time limits on personal devices and apps to increased at-home productivity.

Student Learning

Students can minimize distractions with time limits, prioritize academic devices, and filter content to maintain a healthy learning environment.

Smart Home

Prioritize smart home devices, manage app usage for automation, and filter online content for advanced safety for everyone on your network.

Ready to activate ExperienceIQ?

You set the rules, we help enforce them. Call us today to get set up with ExperienceIQ or use the button below to active your service.

Q & A

Have questions?
We can help answer them.

Refer to the information below for answers to frequently asked questions. For further assistance, feel free to contact us or explore additional resources.

ExperienceIQ incurs small monthly fees. For current pricing details, consult your local sales representative. It’s worth noting that this service has no contractual obligations, allowing you the flexibility to cancel at any time.

My Priorities: Allows a user to prioritize network traffic based on application type and prioritize devices on the network.

User Profiles: After creating user profiles, time limits, account restrictions, and content/website restrictions can be configured to ensure age-appropriate and screen time limits are observed.

Safe Search and YouTube Restricted Mode: Provides additional filtering of inappropriate content. Developed by major search engines vendors (including Google and Bing), SafeSearch blocks explicit images, videos, and websites.

Pause Network Access: A user with a Parental Control profile can have service paused or resumed from the main People screen.

DNS over HTTPS Content Blocking: ExperienceIQ adds support for blocking DNS over HTTPS and Apple iCloud Private Relay.

iCloud Private Relay Behavior: CommandIQ supports blocking iCloud Private Relay by detecting the initial DNS query to the private relay DNS server and classifying that connection with an AVC signature of being a VPN/Proxy/Anonymizer.

For technical support, it’s advised to call us directly and provide details about your issue. Alternatively, you can email support@pocketinet.net with the problem and sufficient details to aid in troubleshooting.

ExperienceIQ is a service integrated with our PocketiNet internet service. Our routers and technology are tailor-made to work seamlessly together. If you’re not already a PocketiNet customer but are interested in our service, please visit services.pocketinet.com.

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