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Empowering you through our network, where every connection is a solution tailored just for you.
What we offer

Elevate your digital experience with premium services & products.

Our mission is simple – we want communities right here in Southeast Washington and Northeast Oregon to have access to fast, reliable internet at an affordable price. And we won’t stop until everyone does!

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We've partnered with MyBundle to simplify tv streaming.

MyBundle’s suite of free tools help you select the streaming service that provides the content and pricing you want.

Secure Connection

Our systems provide optimal performance.

Not all Wi-Fi is created equal. PocketiNet proudly delivers top-tier Wi-Fi and router devices with enhanced features to streamline your home management.

Higher Data Rate

This means you can download and upload content faster - your devices work quicker and smoother.

Improved Efficiency

Get up to 30% improved power efficiency, ensuring better performance in crowded tech environments.

Increased Capacity

Get ready for a speed boost! With up to 4x the data speed, you can handle way more online traffic at once.

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Providing service coverage to rural areas.

Headquartered in Walla Walla WA, we empathize with the challenges of unreliable coverage. Our unwavering commitment is to provide top-notch service to areas in rural Washington and Oregon, ensuring no one gets left behind.

Who we are

Establishing high standards of service to our local communities.​

Rooted in the local community, we share the common desire for enhanced internet coverage. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our mission, and we’re committed to broadening our services continuously. Here’s what you can expect from our team:

Fast & Reliable

Committed to delivering top-notch connectivity, we understand the necessity of staying connected in today's fast-paced world. Continuously improving, we ensure you receive the best experience.

Locally Committed

We're right here in your neighborhood. When you reach out to PocketiNet, you're not connecting with a call center miles away or overseas. Our entire team is local, right in the heart of the Columbia Basin

Comprehensive Digital Ecosystem

At PocketiNet, ensuring your peace of mind is our priority. We provide a range of comprehensive solutions to safeguard what matters most to you: your family and your home.

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Maximize your online experience

Discover the impact of a swift and dependable internet experience, and explore optimal ways to surf the web with PocketiNet

How to work from home like a pro.

Set yourself up for WFH success. Working from home is a savored change of pace for career professionals.

2Gbps fiber internet for Washington and Oregon.

Life is fast. Here’s why your home needs faster fiber internet.


We Value Our Customer's Voices

Your feedback improves our service and helps shape our future. Together, we build a better internet experience.