Set yourself up for WFH success.

Working from home is a savored change of pace for career professionals. Between 2019 and 2021, the number of people primarily working remote tripled from 5.7% to 17.9%, according to a 2022 press release by the U.S. Census Bureau

While the WFH surge has softly slowed in 2023, stats reveal a steady presence of work-from-home opportunities. LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index surveyed 5,860 U.S. professionals this past January and found 28% of respondents worked remotely most of the time.

As you navigate how best to work from home, set yourself up for success by following these remote working best practices. Plus, learn why having a fast and reliable internet connection should top the list of your WFH must-haves.

Establish a Home Office

One of the most important parts of successfully working from home is establishing a dedicated workspace that helps you be as productive as possible. A comfortable desk and chair setup is necessary. You should also outfit your desk with a monitor, mouse, keyboard, notepad, and charging cords.

Depending on your profession, you may also need specialized equipment, such as a microphone, web camera, or drawing tablet. Set up your workspace ergonomically to decrease fatigue and eye strain, and keep it tidy to reduce mental clutter.

Manage Distractions

The biggest challenge of remote working is that it’s easy to get distracted by tasks or activities that don’t have anything to do with your job. Developing a routine and sticking to regular workday hours can help you stay on task and finish your work when it needs to get done. 

Additionally, setting and tracking goals can help you stay motivated and on track with your progress. Taking regular breaks for set amounts of time throughout the day will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and can mitigate knee-jerk reactions when interruptions arise. 

Cultivate a Support Network

Community is not discussed enough in the WFH space. Working from home can often feel lonely and isolating, which can lead to feelings of burnout or lack of motivation. We recommend joining a virtual community or professional networking group to stay connected to your peers. Immersing yourself in a supportive community as you work remotely will also expose you to fresh ideas personally and professionally.

Have a Fiber Internet Connection 

A fast and reliable internet connection is absolutely crucial for working remotely. This is especially important if your job involves frequent video calls or streaming large media files. A slow internet connection will make it difficult to connect with colleagues, participate in meetings, or share large files promptly. Set yourself up for work-from-home success by choosing a fiber internet provider.

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