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PocketiNet is delighted to introduce PocketiTel, your comprehensive digital phone service solution for business.

Whether you have a team of one or one hundred, our system and packages provide all the essential features and more to help your business thrive.

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We Offer PocketiTel Packages for All Business Types and Needs

We provide a range of speed solutions and pricing options tailored to meet the diverse online needs of businesses. Unsure what you need? Contact us for a quick evaluation.

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The user portal allows you to control your system from both desktop and mobile devices. You can manage features such as enabling or disabling voicemail forwarding, forwarding recorded calls, keypad tones, auto-answering, and more. Easily adjust settings to set up and access PocketiTel messages and recordings.

Smartphones have changed personal and business communications. However, there are two important reasons why millions of individuals keep their home phone service with VoIP. 

1. Accessibility: Most homes already have a broadband internet connection, making it easy to transfer a phone number or make a VoIP call. Similarly, Wi-Fi has become much more of a commodity, allowing VoIP calls to be made from anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection. 

2. Scalable: It’s very easy to add additional users to a call and add extra users to your home or business phone plan. It’s an excellent service option for families and home offices as well.

As is the case with all PocketiNet services, we are able to customize PocketiTel to fit your exacting needs. We have three different package options available—geared for both small and large businesses. One of our sales team members would be happy to discuss what would work best for your business.