May is National Small Business Month, and at PocketiNet, it’s an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about small businesses’ impact on our local economy. Small businesses are the backbone of our communities here in the state of Washington, and as we grow to serve many citizens of our state, we are committed to helping our communities to thrive.

When you own a small business, resources can be limited, and budgets are always top of mind, so making the right investments is essential. High-speed Internet is one of those investments that can pay off in significant ways. Here are a few key reasons why we recommend high-speed Internet for Washington-area small businesses:

Increased Productivity and Efficiency
A high-speed internet connection allows you to access information quickly, which increases productivity and efficiency. A faster connection also makes it easier for employees to complete tasks like uploading or downloading large files, video conferencing, and accessing cloud-based applications quickly and easily. High-speed Internet saves more time and gives you and your team fewer headaches. Plus, you’ll have faster upload and download speeds, enabling you to get more work done in less time.

Improved Customer Service
Another major benefit of high-speed Internet is improved customer service. With faster connections, you can respond to customer inquiries more quickly, which leads to happier customers who will be more likely to do business with you again. And we all want repeat customers, right?

Time is valuable to everyone in Washington. Whether you’re a business owner, a student, or a parent, we all know what it feels like to wait at the cash register for too long. A long wait time can make or break the customer experience and even be why someone chooses not to return to your store. A fast internet connection helps you avoid these moments and give your customers a positive experience. Check out this video about how PocketiNet customer, Klickers in Walla Walla, Washington, could serve customers in their store quickly and efficiently with high-speed Internet.

If you have an online store in Washington, faster connections are also critical. You need customers to be able to access your information quickly and easily, which leads to better conversion rates and an improved overall experience.

Better Scalability Options
Access to high-speed Internet makes it easier for your Washington business to scale as needed. If your business suddenly experiences a rush of visitors or needs additional bandwidth due to new services or products you are offering, you don’t have to worry about slow speeds. High-speed Internet can accommodate the increased demand without causing any interruptions or delays in service, which helps ensure that your business remains successful as it grows.

Your Washington-based Small Business Deserves High-Speed Fiber Internet
National Small Business Month is the perfect opportunity to evaluate your internet needs and ensure your business can access fast and reliable Internet. If you’re curious about what fiber internet can do for your Washington business, talk to one of our team members today by calling 509-295-9350 or visiting our website at pocketinet.com.