Keeping Your Business Connected

As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the importance of serving our community while staying connected globally. With that in mind, we’ve created broadband Internet packages specifically for businesses. PocketiNet is proud to offer fiber speeds of up to 10 Gbps in conjunction with a managed router and access points to provide internet to all wireless devices in every corner of your business.
PocketiNet is here to serve as a consultant that can tailor our products based on the individual needs of your business. Check out our service packages, and call our office to learn more!


PocketiNet is proud to offer Broadband Internet Service + PocketiFi Managed WiFi and Router.

PocketiFi is the cutting-edge blend of an installed access point and high-performance managed router. The combination offers complete WiFi coverage throughout your business.

With PocketiFi, there’s no worry about what WiFi equipment you need. PocketiNet provides state-of-the-art WiFi hardware that fills your business with consistent WiFi coverage. PocketiFi uses top-quality components so you get the highest form of reliability and performance, even as your wireless devices move from one end of your business to the other.

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PocketiNet’s professionally trained and insured technicians work with you to strategically determine the best locations for the managed router and the access point before installation, ensuring optimal performance throughout your business.


Get the ultimate internet experience with PocketiFi, an innovative blend of an installed access point and high-performance router. The combination offers complete WiFi coverage through your business.


After consultation, our technicians install a customized system designed specifically for your needs. We go beyond simply bringing an Ethernet port to provide a fully managed internet experience throughout your business.
Our Network. Your Solution.